XL Pitbull Kennel in California

Welcome to the World famous Riverside County Pitbulls. The home of the huge XXL Pitbull Bane!
We are a premier XL Pitbull kennel specializing in bloodlines such as Ganghis Kon, Butthead, and Iron Cross Bloodlines.

Our Pit Bull kennel is located in the beautiful city of Riverside, in the great state of California. We are convenient to many areas such as Los Angeles, San Diego, Beverly Hills, San Jose, Fresno, San Francisco, Sacramento, and Long Beach. Riverside County Pitbulls is also very well located for customers in our neighboring Nevada and Mexico.
We are dedicated to bettering the breed and the reputation of the Pitbull by producing the very best quality puppies by selectively breeding for excellent temperament, superior intelligence and health, a natural working ability, and of course for MONSTER SIZE and SUPER MODEL looks. We aim to create the complete package in our XL Pitbull puppies.

XL PitBull Lifestyle

Every XL Pitbull in our yard lives a quality of life that other dogs probably dream of. We do everything possible to provide them the good life, complete with a great diet, a clean living environment, and daily exercise and play times. An active, busy working dog is a happy dog with less behavior issues and bad habits.

XXL Pitbull
Some of the activities our XL Pitbulls and XL Bullies enjoy are agility courses, competitive weight pull, flyball, spring pole, personal protection training, and they love swimming! These dogs are built to work and play hard, but at the end of the day a well exercised dog has less behavior issues or pent up energy. Our XL Pitbulls can play all day long, yet be cuddly couch potatoes in the evening. From the start, our XXL Pitbull puppies are exercised and started on a good routine of play and exercise with their littermates, their dam, and other Pit Bull puppies.

XXL Pitbull Reputation

Our XXL Pitbulls are lovers, not fighters!
We believe that sound temperament and an overall stable XL Pitbull should be the first and foremost trait when breeding! Our dogs do great in all situations. They love all animals big and small, and we have even gotten feedback from owners that they also do well with even the super tiniest of animals!

Blue Muscle Female Pitbull

Real Big Pit Bulls, Come See For Yourself

Huge Tri XL Pitbull
Riverside County Pit Bulls is one of the few XL Pitbull Kennels that keeps it 100%. We don’t rely on bogus weight & height stats, Photoshopped dogs, crazy lenses and photo angles to create an illusion of size, or other deceptive practices that many other XXL Pitbull Kennels use to lure in potential customers. You get what you pay for with Riverside! Our dogs are the real deal. In fact, we attend ABKC shows all year long with our dogs and many people have laid their eyes and hands on our dogs. Additionally, we have an open door policy at our kennel. We invite you to come see for yourself! Contact us so we can set something up!